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Stucco is a durable material, but time still has an impact on it. It can become worn or damaged and the aesthetics of it can become faded. Re-stucco, the process of adding a layer of stucco to your existing one, can be a great way to combat this and a range of other problems. It’s quick, simple and fast.

However, there’s still some technique involved and to get the results you truly want, it pays to have the ultimate professional to do the work. We are the San Jose stucco company who pride ourselves on being the ultimate professionals and getting the best result.


Re-stucco is a process of adding a new layer over your current layer of stucco. This can benefit in a number of ways and in a number of different circumstances. It provides you with a new layer of stucco that has the same level of strength, and all the other benefits, your previous stucco had, whilst improving the facade.

It also does with any invasive installation, and it’s a quick and straightforward process that can see you enjoying the benefits sooner. If this sounds good to you, talk to us today about getting re-stucco done at your home.

Easier Process Stucco

When any work is done in your home is an easy and smooth process, that has a range of positive flow-on effects. This means less inconvenience, less time wasted and more time spent enjoying the results of the work.

Re-stucco is a quick and easy process, that can get amazing results for your home and a far easier alternative to getting entirely new stucco installed. Get an amazing result in far less time. Isn’t that always the best outcome you can hope for?

Looks Like New

It’s always a great result when you can get something you’ve had for a while looking brand new again. It has the effect of lifting the energy and excitement around your home. And, let’s face, we always wish something would look brand new again when we stare at anything old and worn around our home.

Re-stuccoing is the perfect way to get this result with the stucco surface at your home. This can have a range of positive effects on your home, but best of all it can really increase its visual appeal.


Updating the look of our home is something we often dream of from time to time. No matter how fashionable a look is, there will always come a point where it’s a little less so and you want to change things up.

Re-stuccoing can be the perfect way to help update the look and feel of your home, as you can install a new layer of stucco with a new vibrant color. This can add a new level of buoyancy and energy in your home that was lacking before. You no longer just need to dream about updating the faded and worn look of your home, make it a reality with our re-stucco service.

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