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Do you have a project involving a stucco finish?  How about a custom plastering finish?  You’ve come to the right place.  Cal Painting and Plastering has master tradesmen that have been working with all things stucco and plastering for over 30 years.  We can handle everything from stucco, to plastering, custom finishes, Venetian plaster,  new installations, repairs, renovations, remodels, converting from a non-stucco siding to a stucco finish, residential, commercial, condominiums, office buildings, both interior and exterior applications, and so on.  Other stucco contractors in San Jose leave the job when the stucco is done, but we’re also a full-service painting company, so we can paint or touch-up anything for a complete finish.  We are located in San Jose and like to work within a 20 mile radius of San Jose.  We give free estimates and we’d love to tell you what we know about stucco, plastering, and painting in the South Bay area.

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San Jose Stucco & Plastering

San Jose Stucco & Plastering– Let Us Tell You More About Our Business

In San Jose, California, no stucco company goes above and beyond in providing plastering, custom finishes, repairs, and renovations for the average homeowner. Our 30 years of experience in the business has taught us one thing- your home or business deserves the best. We are dedicated to providing residential and commercial clients with the best stucco services and give your property that new look. When it comes to San Jose Stucco and Plastering, our results speak for themselves. Our clients can attest to our high-quality services and friendly crew. Whether you need concrete to protect your new home from the elements or to enhance curb appeal, we can find the best option to fit your needs. From new installations to repairs, renovations, residential stucco, interior, and external stucco applications- our team has seen it and done it all. If you only need a quick repair, our team can get the job done in no time. No matter how big or small a project is, we show the same level of attention and professionalism. Our services are budget-friendly but still high quality because we believe you deserve the best. We will never take shortcuts to save because our reputation is important to us. We treat our clients as part of our family, and since we are all residents of San Jose, we want to give our best. Customer satisfaction is crucial to our business because we get most of our projects from referrals. If you live in the South Bay area, all you need to do is give us a call, and we can provide a free estimate.

Benefits of San Jose Stucco & Plastering

San Jose Stucco & Plastering is a full-service company that is dedicated to top-notch services at an affordable price. Home and business owners in San Jose know all about us and often recommend our services to their family and friends. If you live anywhere in the South Bay area, our master tradesmen can reach you within a few minutes. No matter the kind of property you own, our services are professional, efficient, and effective, so you are guaranteed the best results in the shortest time possible. At San Jose Stucco & Plastering, we can handle projects from plastering, fireproofing, lathing, stucco repairs, and many more. All our workers value safety and are fully insured so you can put your mind at ease while we work on your property. If you want a company that knows what they are doing, you have come to the right place.

San Jose Stucco & Plastering Service Areas

Let’s talk about San Jose Stucco & Plastering services in San Jose, California. These are the primary locations we provide residential stucco, commercial stucco, re-stucco, stucco repair service, stucco plastering, new stucco, in San Jose California. Our service locations include:

We also service the following zip codes: 95035, 95070,95135

Address & Directions

Here is our physical address in San Jose:

San Jose Stucco Service

Stucco Contractors San Jose – Understanding our dedication to your home is one thing, now we want to show you how we do it and make good on our stated goal. Our comprehensive range of stucco related services reflects our dedication to achieving our aim. We offer both installation and repair, for a wide range of circumstances and situations. Whether you want stucco finishing or plaster finishing we have what you need.

We cater to both residential and commercial clients too. So you can experience the advantages, no matter the kind of property you have. Along with this, we always we aim to make all our services professional, effective and quick, so now you’ll always get the best result, fast. We think it’s all of this that places us above all the other San Jose stucco companies.

Stucco services in and around San Jose are done by a variety of providers, but San Jose Stucco Service is regarded as the top contractor in California for a reason: our results show.

Residential and commercial clients alike have been able to enjoy the difference over our 10 years in business. Equally, dexterous at handling brand-new homes, property refurbishment, and minor repairs, San Jose Stucco Services are a great ally for anyone who needs to add an extra layer of fresh sophistication to an exterior or interior wall.

For a brand-new home, the right color or quality stucco will provide protection from the elements, enhance curb appeal, and ensure the beauty of a new home lasts for several years. San Jose business owners can get a whole new façade or a visible remodel on a relatively low budget by adding a layer of stucco. If you just need a quick repair, then we are on call too: we can keep the cracks and color differences hidden away from the naked eye, simply leaving everyone wondering exactly WHEN you managed to make everything shine.

How do we manage this? By keeping things professional and exact without sacrificing flexibility. Large brand-new projects and small residential repairs get the same degree of attention, and are all painstakingly monitored. This is how we manage to exceed expectations every time!

The years of hard work have paid off: we have been ranked as one of San Jose’ Top Contractors by many professional associations, home decor professionals, and real estate agents. We love good grades, and we are always eager to work hard for them!

Is there a science to Stucco applications? There is much more work involved than first appears! Many new California contractors often cut corners, mix different qualities of products, or skip steps when doing “quick jobs”. On day one, almost nobody will be able to tell the difference. Give it a year or three, and the reasons why you’re better off calling San Jose Stucco Services will be evident to your entire street.

Stucco Contractors San Jose and Its Tenets

We follow all the manufacturer’s specifications to the letter – this ensures it is done right the first time. Therefore, we save you the cost of a later work or a touch-up, and we save ourselves from jeopardizing our reputation!

To the science of exterior architecture, we add the art of customer service. Our workers are not just highly skilled with all variety of materials – or simply certified to work with high-end finishes like EIFS or Texcote. They are also nurtured and trained in the nuances of professionalism and reliability. Add a cohesive insurance policy and some deep-boned discipline, and you’ll find that we can turn your project into a breeze!

If you need a safe, stress-free, and cost-efficient solution to beautify your home or office exterior, or to prolong the life and appeal of your walls, then we are just a phone call away.

So What Are Stucco Services Exactly?

Learn more about what we do and all the different ways in which we can make San Jose, CA more beautiful, one house at a time.

EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing System)

Sometimes, a wash of nicely-colored cement is not enough to ensure the insides of a building stay in the right temperature. You can always add several layers if you have the spare cash – but what about using just ONE extra efficient layer instead?

EIFS is a type of single layer stucco finish that uses lighter materials and can be installed quicker than standard stucco while improving insulation – provided it is done right. Where old buildings added three layers of stucco, a well-done EIFS installation can provide a modern home with improved results in just one layer.


Some buildings and materials still require the full treatment. We have been doing standard three-layer stucco applications for over a decade – and while we could do it with our eyes closed, we prefer to do it with the same attention and devotion as any other technique. Smooth finishes and even colors when plastering are our specialty.


Plastering and coloring may be a matter of aesthetics, but fireproofing a home or business saves lives. This is why it should be handled by certified experts only! Our fireproofing specialists have learned how to protect a home from fires and sparks, both in the classroom and at the work site.

Protecting a house from blazes and fires is no small task: this is the kind of long-term thinking that will protect your investments for decades to come. Make sure your plaster is helping!

Sand Blasting

The best opportunity to ensure something looks neat is to smooth out all its rough edges from the very start. Sand blasting on a brand-new home or office complex will ensure any later stucco applications or paint jobs are able to resist the rigors of weather, humidity, and scratchy tools around it.


When 80% of people hear “stucco”, they are thinking front gates and exterior walls. Although not as popular for inner décor, stucco can also provide beautiful colors and great insulation on the inside – it just needs to be lathed right. This involves adding a later of wiring that will improve adherence, maximize longevity, and banish chances of failure.

Stucco Repairs

Every time somebody says “quick repair job” a part of our professional pride whimpers. Stucco repair jobs can be incredibly delicate, especially if localized: nobody likes to be able to see where the cracks used to be! We can provide you with invisible fillings and complete new layers for the entire building alike.

Why Should YOU Trust San Jose Stucco Services?

It would be too easy to simply say we are the best – and we don’t like to take the easy way out.

* Our services are different and superior because:

* Our crews are highly trained and certified

* Everyone we ever send to a site is fully insured – if they slip and fall, it won’t be on you!

* We get the best reviews

* We ALWAYS go the extra mile to deserve the best reviews.

* We put our money where our mouths are – behind our quality! We offer thorough oversight and warranties on minor and major projects alike.

Call the Professionals Right Away

Stucco Contractors San Jose – As much as we all love to take care of our own business, some tasks are just too risky or complex for you to handle over the next long weekend. Applying a new layer of stucco for the entire home is such a task: not only will you need stairs and safety gear (you can borrow them, we’re sure – but are they well-oiled and care for?), but they are also too big to be done in 48 hours. So unless you are willing to leave the half-completed task until your next day off, the best choice is to get a team to do it right away, the right way.

Our workers are all trained in safety, handling of materials, customer service techniques, repair tactics and new installation procedures alike – not to mention on the real meaning of “cleaning up after yourself”. If you are search for experts in Google, then come find us!

Find out what it would take to fill that crack or redo the entire home. Call 408-290-1546 for a No Risk Quote!

Additional Services by San Jose Stucco Services

There are many options to add color and texture to a home’s exterior, but few offer the amount of options guaranteed by Stucco Siding. More durable and beautiful than simple cement washes, and incredibly more cost effective than stone or painted wood finished, stucco siding can provide any building with any of the following, with just one to three quick layers:

  • Isolation from exterior elements – rain, cold, heat and more
  • Energy savings from your home’s environmental control system (keeps the cool A/C inside!)
  • Noise cancellation, privacy, and the blessing of a quiet environment.
  • A smooth finish all around your home
  • The possibility of adding vibrant and highly-customizable colors, textures, and designs.

So, what is Stucco exactly? The basic tech behind stucco has been around since Roman times. A couple of millennia of improvements have turned the basic whitewash into a myriad proprietary blends of Portland cement and dyes that can be easily applied to exterior and interior walls alike. Whether you apply it by hand or with an industrial spray, the basics of Stucco appear simple – but they require extensive practice to ensure an even appearance and faithful colors. A.S.T.M. standards guide all our applications!

Stucco Applications Involve:

  • Trenching: Usually done alongside the building’s foundation, it will give us a solid base to work upon
  • Covering: Cement goes on your walls, not on the furniture or plants around. They need to be protected!
  • Cleaning: In order to make the stucco stick, a sandblasting or hydro blasting treatment may be needed.
  • Surface preparation: After everything has been cleaned and all surrounding objects secured, any patches or cracks need to be repaired to ensure a smooth canvas
  • Application: Either by spray or by hand (also known as troweling).
  • Sealing: There are different sealing options meant to increase the life of the stucco layer, as well as to add extra waterproofing or fireproofing for the home itself.

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Top 5 Things to do in San Jose, CA

Whether or not you are a visitor or a resident to San Jose, here are our 5 top things to do in San Jose:

1. Take a stroll in Downtown San Jose. If you want to see the culture of San Jose in a short time, then downtown is the best place to go. In a matter of minutes, you could enjoy a wide range of restaurants, libraries and even stop by the Plaza de Cesar Chavez. Plan your trip in August and enjoy one of the country’s famous jazz festivals.

2. Visit the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. This massive planetarium takes a whole city block in the Rose Garden neighborhood. Dating back to the 1920s, the Egyptian settlement has a research library, alchemy garden, and a Rosicrucian labyrinth. History lovers will enjoy the thousands of Egyptian artifacts on display ranging from jewelry to textiles and vessels.

3. Relax at Alum Rock Park. The park hosts 720 acres of beautiful vegetation and a breathtaking view of the Diablo range on top. Visitors can explore the park on foot, by bike, or even on horseback. The valley is also home to 27 mineral springs rich in sulfur and magnesium that have health benefits.

4. Take a romantic stroll in Municipal Rose Garden. Perfect for a wedding shot, San Jose’s rose garden has more than 3,500 bushes with over 200 different species of rose. The roses bloom in spring, offering a dazzling backdrop for any photo.

5. Go techy at the Computer History Museum. San Jose is home to some of the big names in the tech industry, so it is fitting to have a museum showcase technological advancement through the years. The Museum has more than 90,000 pieces of computer artifacts that will wow tech lovers of all ages.


To visit San Jose Stucco & Plastering from Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport to 137 E Saint James St #4, please follow these directions:

1. Follow Airport Blvd and Airport Pkwy to Technology Dr

2. Head northwest on Airport Blvd

3. Use the right two lanes to turn slightly right to stay on Airport Blvd

4. Use the right 2 roads to turn slightly right onto Airport Pkwy

5. Turn right onto Technology Dr

6. Pass by Starbucks (on the right)

7. Take CA-87 S to W St James St

8. Use the middle lane to turn right onto Skyport Dr

9. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left to merge onto CA-87 S toward I-280 S

10. Take exit 6B for W Julian St toward St James St

11. Use the middle lane to turn left onto W Julian St

12. Continue onto W St James St

13. Destination will be on the left


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